Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So here is my First Sleep Sack listing!

So I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and bought some Fleece fabric and some Flannel (I messed this one up) to start making some Sleep Sacks for Toddlers. I think this is just a wonderful idea because you can't find them in stores anywhere! I'm starting listing them at $27 so I can make a profit and not have to eat a bunch of fees. I'm going to see how it goes and if it doesn't sell I'll end up having to lower it - I'm terrible at pricing items.

It's a wonderful baby blue fleece with white polka dots with a 22 inch white zipper to keep it closed. I have it listed on Etsy as well at Artfire... so take a look!! Once I get the flannel to work right the price will be much lower.... fleece is $10 a yard! Eek!

Monday, May 11, 2009

My sons new 2T sleep sack

So after searching and searching with no luck I finally sat down and sewed Skyler his own sleep sack for a 2 year old, because his 18 month one was just too short. Now granted I did find some online made for toddlers claiming to be sleep sacks but they had feet holes in them! Now tell me this... why are they calling it a sleep sack when all other sleep sacks before them were actual SACKS... no feet holes are needed. My sons feet would be freezing even with the socks he wears! So there you go... Skyler's very own REAL toddler Sleep Sack.

Now granted I did go a little over board on his and bought him 1 yard (and just about used ALL of it) of the Camouflage Minky from Fabric.Com... but I saw it and couldn't help myself, lol! I plan to make this again but with a less expensive flannel that's just as good as the minky. With my new 40% coupon from Hobby Lobby I can get some flannel this week and get to sewing!!

I just searched Etsy.Com for a "Sleep Sack" and only saw 14 pages of items... and with them NOT one was over 24 months. I do believe I may have a winner here =)

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm still here!

Long time no update! Lots have been happening here. I finally got my sewing machine and started on my sundress... but then got side tracked and haven't gotten to finish it yet (hopefully will be done today!). I started a new hobby of purses which I'm really enjoying! I've bought a few patterns and fabrics and came up with some great combos!

This is my very first completed purse and I LOVE how it turned out! I could never use it because I carry way to much stuff but I could really see a college student or teen caring this around. I call this my "Brown and Blue Patchwork Pattern Hobo Purse" I have it listed at $25, a steal! You can find it in both my Etsy and Artfire shop (I prefer Artfire, no fees!).

This one here is actually my third purse completed. My second was a nightmare to make and was for myself. I'll have to do a different post on that one. Anyways I call this purse my "Light Blue and Green Summer Spring Floral Pleated Purse". This is also in both my shops. I really love this one too because it's so deep, a good foot! And I of course adore the pattern! I will have to hurry to the store and pick up some more.

I've just recently lost my "real" job working for a company I actually saw a future with. I'm still hurt over the whole thing that went down. But with the loss I find myself now with some free time to make more wonderful purses... but I must sell these first so I can acquire more fabric. I have one purse ready to go but I'm out of interfacing... a must need for any purse! Also with this new free time (when I have a moment away from my lovely son) I can actually update my blog more and promote! Wish me luck in whatever my future may hold!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Now on Art Fire!

I love the simplicity of adding items to my shop through Art Fire because they put everything on ONE PAGE unlike the 5 million pages you have to go through on Etsy just to list one item. Right now I'm only listing a few items because I only have a free account (you get to list your items for FREE, no fees at all!) and I'm only allowed to list 10 items at a time. Also at the moment I've got 2 of my Birth Announcement cards listed on Ebay and going to see if they do anything there as well.

I truly love making these cards and believe they really adorable and just can't understand why they're not selling like I would think they would. I guess with the economy no one is buying anything these days.

Just a thought at the moment but be on the look out for the possibility of purses added to my shop!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Are you a Mom or Soon to be Mom who sells on Etsy?

Then you seriously need to get over to Cafemom.Com right away and join this wonderful group called Cafemom Etsy Moms. Here you can also join their street team over at Etsy. It's like our own little family of helpful moms (away from our children and husbands) helping us with anything that has to deal with etsy and our creative thinking! We even have a forum for those moments you need to talk about something else, you can do it all right here! You can even promote a sale or new item or even ask advice, no worries at all because we ALL do it all the time! Here I am over at Cafemom: SuthrnFlwr You're more than welcomed to add me as a friend! Hope to see you there!

Ready to Oogie Boogie for St. Patrick's Day?

OogieBoogieMom truly has the St. Patty's Spirit (and no I don't mean that kind of spirit!)! As a sister shop to the Cafemom Street Team, whom I'm proudly apart of, I have to help a sister out and promote this AWESOME Good Luck Charm Bracelet which I honestly don't think she uses the same charm twice! If you're a local USA then your shipping is only $1 and with a price of $30 for this wonderful piece of fun it truly is a steal!

I already have her great shop added as a favorite over at Etsy and anybody who's anybody seriously needs to add her too! She's also specializes in earings that are super fun and funky!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Simplicity of it...

I found myself a few wonderful Vintage Simplicity patterns from 1977 & 1979. (Wow my size 4 was a size 10 then!) I hope to make a few sundresses out of them this summer.

After winner a Brother XL-2600i on eBay for only $80 shipped (whoohoo!), I hope to be getting some fabric soon at the local Hobby Lobby. I should be receiving my sewing machine sometime next week. After I practice a few for myself I hope to list a few on Etsy. I can feel summer already!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Whoohoo for Customs!

Thanks to my wonderful friend Sykin, I finally got my first actual custom order on my Pocket Resume! She asked me to make it for her husband because he only kept a folded piece of paper in his wallet with all his information on it. She wanted one that was "manly" and liked black, orange and neon green... what a color combo! But i did not worry! After a few hit and miss color combos and papers I found the right one I believed any man would love.

She absolutely loved the design!

Now if only my printer and paper cutter would've cooperated I would've been set! I think I printed the design 6 times because either the colors came out wrong or I cut it wrong. Ah! The frustration! But at least it finally came out right and was able to put it together. I do hope any future orders won't be this bothersome! Now I must say I did enjoy making it, but my goodness the roadblocks, lol.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Into the realm of the blog world!

Well here i am starting out on my own little blog.

I joined Etsy on May 15, 2008 on a fluke because a friend of mine, through LiveJournal, introduced me to the site by showing me a few pieces of jewelry in her Sykin's One Stop Twilight Shop. Missie is a complete Twilight/Harry Potter/Hanson fan, lol. She has now opened up a second shop called Sykin's Overstock Shop which has a ton of beads and jewelry related items (non twilight related).

I would love to get into the jewelry making business but I honestly don't have the time, nor money. So I do the next best thing. I LOVE TO SCRAPBOOK! I made my sons birth announcement weeks before he arrived and absolutely adore how it came out, and so did my friends and family! So with this thought I decided that hey, I buy a license through the scrapbook site and then I can actually get paid for doing something I adore so much. So far I've bought two licenses and kits to use in my business, but unfortunately they haven't hit of as well as I had hoped. But I do not distress! I still adore making them and maybe I will be discovered by a mother who would love to have one of my designs as her announcement of her pride and joy into the world. My baby birth announcement cards currently sell for $8.00 for a set of 15.

I've also made other things besides my birth announcement cards. I've made the new Pocket Resume. This is a great item that is the size of a standard business card and can be kept with you at all times while you're job hunting. There is a section for your personal information, 4 jobs, high school, college, technical school, and 3 references. Made from durable card stock paper, inside from premium cotton resume paper and kept closed with magnets. The front cover can be personalized with your initials or the word Resume and you have a variety of different backgrounds available to choose from. This sales for only $4.50 in my store!

I do take custom orders so please message me and I can see what I can do!