Thursday, March 12, 2009

Now on Art Fire!

I love the simplicity of adding items to my shop through Art Fire because they put everything on ONE PAGE unlike the 5 million pages you have to go through on Etsy just to list one item. Right now I'm only listing a few items because I only have a free account (you get to list your items for FREE, no fees at all!) and I'm only allowed to list 10 items at a time. Also at the moment I've got 2 of my Birth Announcement cards listed on Ebay and going to see if they do anything there as well.

I truly love making these cards and believe they really adorable and just can't understand why they're not selling like I would think they would. I guess with the economy no one is buying anything these days.

Just a thought at the moment but be on the look out for the possibility of purses added to my shop!

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