Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So here is my First Sleep Sack listing!

So I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and bought some Fleece fabric and some Flannel (I messed this one up) to start making some Sleep Sacks for Toddlers. I think this is just a wonderful idea because you can't find them in stores anywhere! I'm starting listing them at $27 so I can make a profit and not have to eat a bunch of fees. I'm going to see how it goes and if it doesn't sell I'll end up having to lower it - I'm terrible at pricing items.

It's a wonderful baby blue fleece with white polka dots with a 22 inch white zipper to keep it closed. I have it listed on Etsy as well at Artfire... so take a look!! Once I get the flannel to work right the price will be much lower.... fleece is $10 a yard! Eek!

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