Friday, February 20, 2009

Whoohoo for Customs!

Thanks to my wonderful friend Sykin, I finally got my first actual custom order on my Pocket Resume! She asked me to make it for her husband because he only kept a folded piece of paper in his wallet with all his information on it. She wanted one that was "manly" and liked black, orange and neon green... what a color combo! But i did not worry! After a few hit and miss color combos and papers I found the right one I believed any man would love.

She absolutely loved the design!

Now if only my printer and paper cutter would've cooperated I would've been set! I think I printed the design 6 times because either the colors came out wrong or I cut it wrong. Ah! The frustration! But at least it finally came out right and was able to put it together. I do hope any future orders won't be this bothersome! Now I must say I did enjoy making it, but my goodness the roadblocks, lol.

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